Sandra Fieger

Professional Yacht Crew, Scuba Instructor, Medic First Aid Instructor

Sandra Fieger, Professional Yacht Crew

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dive instruction

"Sandra is a very hard working, self assured and practical person with a great work ethic and enthusiasm. She is a fantastic people person and is able to mix well with others from all walks of life. Her varied life experiences and extensive travel knowledge shine through in her personality.

"I have no hesitation in recommending her for any position that she may apply for. Her natural aptitude, practicality and common sense make her an excellent asset to any crew."

Claire Taylor, m/v Björg III, 140' Westport
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I am seeking permanent employment as mate and/or assistant engineer that challenges me in all respects and allows me to contribute my skills and further develop practical ship-handling, navigation experience and overall yacht management. I bring to the table a variety of experience and capabilities in these respects.

Current qualifications include Yachtmaster Offshore, 200 tons commercially endorsed, GMDSS GOC, Approved Engine Course (AEC), STCW95 and an ENG1 unrestricted. I have served as mate and engineer (or assistant) on various size and style motor and sailing yachts; see my CV for further details.

I have logged over 22,000 miles of both sailing and motor yacht experience for the above on vessels 30 to 165 feet in length, as well as 5 star hotel management, operations and administrative experience, have been gainfully self-employed for the prior 12 years as cofounder of a successful international personal development company, I am computer literate with web mastering abilities, a scuba dive instructor, a medic, and hold a valid driver's license. I am an all-rounder and my preference is to be involved in a variety of capacities and to contribute in any area of yacht management.

In brief, I provide dependable and enthusiastic service, am a self-starter, versatile, responsible, resourceful, presentable, and have a friendly, pleasant disposition. My cumulative skills and experience include a wide range of capabilities in all aspects of the industry. Refer to the references and curriculum vitae pages for more details.

My current resume is located on this page.


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